40 Awesome Examples of eCommerce Website Design

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When you have an ecommerce business, the first thing that you want to do is ensure that your eCommerce website design is an accurate representation of who you are and what you do. After all, it is the one chance that you have to make a good, lasting impression on your potential customers.

So, to give you some inspiration, we’ve put together this list of what we think are the best ecommerce website designs out there. If you’re in the process of designing your site and need a little inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on for more.

1. The Parfait Stand


Starting us off strong is the Tokyo-based ecommerce website that changes from a flat theme to a unique dimensional one through the use of suggesting motions. The Parfait Stand also makes use of stylized product visuals, as well as full screen animations that changes to modal views when the user hovers over them.




Next is, a lifestyle ecommerce website design that features an intuitive and playful theme with bursts of vibrant colors. It is this combination that gives the site its youthful feel, while the simple navigation makes the website incredibly easy to make your way about.


3. Bougessa


The homepage for this ecommerce website exudes luxury from the moment you land on the site. Bougessa is a fashion brand that prefers to let images take center stage of its website, relying on beautiful pictures to sell the products while taking a minimalist approach to navigation.


4. Premium Teas


Premium Teas is an ecommerce store whose website is clean, sophisticated, and modern. The teas are presented in a way that makes it incredibly easy for visitors to scroll through the website and pick out the product that speaks to them.


5. Simply Chocolate


This Denmark-based chocolate company uses an ecommerce website design that provides enough space to let each product shine individually. When scrolling down the page, a new chocolate bar will float up to the middle, with each bar having its own fun theme and unique name.


6. Bon Bon Bon


Bon Bon Bon is not just a fun name but an artisan chocolate company with an impressive ecommerce website design strategy. While there’s certainly a lot going on with this website, it’s all fun, featuring plenty of colors, patterns, and designs.


7. Northernism


The unique thing about Northernism’s ecommerce website design is that it uses images placed on a grid to stand out – something you don’t see with any other ecommerce store. With its modern design, this website makes clever use of free space and simple images to create a non-crowded feel.


8. Boxhill


Boxhill is a beautiful ecommerce website design whose theme features plenty of white space, helping draw more attention to each product that they offer. The website’s design is super clean and neat, giving it an overall professional and sophisticated feel.


9. Dainty Jewell’s


Dainty Jewell’s is an example of a clothing store with a very soft, vintage look. The main colors are gold, white, and light pink emphasized through delicate patterns. The design of this ecommerce store works well with the products that the company sells.


10. SISU Guard


When it comes to sports, SISU Guard features one of the most well-designed ecommerce websites. Their site features categories that make it much easier for you to navigate to your category of interest, while the minimalist design keeps you focused on the products.


11. Di Bruno


Di Bruno’s website design is hard to ignore from the moment you land on the home page. One of this website’s design highlights is the fact that it features short descriptions for each product, which you can read when you view product category pages.


12. Black Butterfly


The eCommerce website design of Black Butterfly aims to represent a modern, simplistic feeling with its basic theme. With its cute graphics and fun photos scattered throughout the site, you’re easily able to navigate to the category of dresses that you’re interested in.


13. P&Co


P&Co is on this list because of its incredible attention to product detail. It is a clothing eCommerce website that has a very particular design model, showing off dozens of angles for each of their shirts. The company also features many different specifications for each item.


14. Oi Polloi


The Oi Polloi homepage might be minimal, but it’s undeniably fun. This ecommerce website proves that minimalism does not automatically mean cold, thanks to the giant photos and colorful background that this store uses to showcase its products.


15. All Birds


All Birds is the master of footwear action shots. This ecommerce website is vastly different from other shoe companies, giving each shoe a feeling of true motion with each image. All Birds is different, effective, and extremely memorable.


16. Knotty Tie Co.


Knotty Tie Co. uses some brilliant design elements to showcase their unique offering – custom tie designs. The company makes this immediately obvious by allowing visitors to fill out a custom design survey without having to sign up, eliminating friction and allowing more visitors to explore their products.


17. The Letter J


This next ecommerce website is one that sells typographical products, like prints and phone cases, which means that it needs a unique and interesting web design model by necessity. The Letter J puts a unique spin on product photos and backgrounds.


18. Rest


Rest is a wooden desk accessory seller, and naturally, the company’s website is based on lifestyle shots of their products on desks. The product pages feature well-thought out details of products, as well as examples of how the products look together.


19. Frank Body


Frank Body is the epitome of modern beauty in the ecommerce space. This company’s website design caters to a youthful and fun audience, and this strategy is reflected in their use of pastel colors and a monotype font.


20. Ratio


Ratio makes use of ecommerce web design to show its customers that the company sells high-end products. They are a coffee company whose product pages explain the brilliance of their products in great detail, while the rest of the website is packed with beautiful images.


21. RSVP


RSVP features a very interesting ecommerce website design. There’s a lot happening on every page, but nothing feels like it’s competing for your attention. The titles are large and eye-catching, while the buttons are subtle but effective at conveying exactly what they do. Everything is set to a soft background that makes RSVP’s website a pleasure to look at.


22. Skullcandy


Skullcandy’s ecommerce website design strategy is anything but simple. The site comes to life with a splash of vibrant colors on every page, and the company uses just the right level of visuals and text to enhance the experience of visiting this website.


23. Hardgraft


Hardgraft makes its point immediately known through its ecommerce website design. From the moment you land on the home page, it’s clear that this is a men’s fashion brand. The font is sophisticated and not too large, while the textured background in a soft gray makes the whole site very easy on the eyes.


24. Helbak


Helbak is a prime example for small businesses of how you don’t have to overdo it in order to have an effective ecommerce website. The products showcased on this site are clean and beautiful, while the design makes use of both white space and product colors to great effect.


25. Sierra Designs


Sierra Designs is an excellent example of inspirational eCommerce web design. Their professional, eye-catching photography and user-friendly website interface strikes a fantastic balance between a responsive design and a clean one.


26. Muroexe


The layout of the shoe products on Muroexe’s website is wonderful. The product images are aligned in a neat, concise grid, which makes it incredibly easy for visitors to browse the site. There is a lot of white space present, which makes each product stand out.


27. Grovemade


This next website has a heavy reliance on lifestyle product shots. Grovemade includes stunning photos of their wooden accessories on desks and tables, which gives visitors a good idea of what the company’s products would look like in their own homes. We have to compliment the photo composition as well.


28. Jackie Smith


Jackie Smith is another ecommerce website design that takes advantage of bright colors and vibrant imagery. However, this company is different in that the colors aren’t just limited to their promotions and product photos – their fonts are just as colorful.


29. Poketo


Poketo makes full use of bright colors, but in a way that avoids being overwhelming. The website is set to a white background, while the colorful product images add a layer of vibrance to the entire website. Product categories are also visible from the very top of the home page, making the site very easy to navigate.


30. Mahabis


Mahabis pays special attention to showcasing their high-quality products right off the bat, and they do this through their brilliant website design. The minute you land on the Mahabis home page, you’ll be greeted with a description of the comfort of their products.




ESQIDO’s eCommerce website design focuses on the beauty of their main product, which is eyelashes. The website is packed with close-ups of their products and their intricate package, and there is even a short video on the homepage that provides a quick tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes.


32. The Horse


There’s nothing that isn’t memorable about The Horse, from the brand name to the website design. Speaking of, their website features big, bold images, with a few words scattered here and there. If you want to be unique, The Horse is a great source of inspiration.

33. Dick Moby


You may not have guessed from the name, but Dick Moby is an eCommerce glasses retailer. Their website features incredible design elements, such as fun patterns and high-quality product images. On the shop page, the glasses are showcased by themselves without anything else in the background, which is an effective way to show off your company’s offerings.


34. POGG


Next up is POGG, a sweet potato pie brand that does a fantastic job at portraying the texture of its products on its website. You’ll be able to see elegant white templates that are accented with golds and pinks in the product shots. The layout is reminiscent of a magazine with its delicate UI and high-quality photographs.


35. Chubbies


Chubbies is a swimwear company that knows exactly how to grab your attention. They use bright colors and vibrant product photos to get visitors into a fun vacationing mood. A great aspect of this site is that it shows the company’s swim trunks in a tropical jungle environment.


36. Ambsn


This company is another clothing ecommerce website, which is packed with colorful images of their shorts, jackets, and shirts. They use orange as their accent color, which is not only a less-common color to use, but also stands out beautifully against the minimalist background.


37. Bohemian Traders


If you want excellent inspiration when it comes to designing a clothing website, then a good place to start would be Bohemian Traders. It’s no surprise that this website uses Bohemian touches in its design, and the site is very easy for visitors to navigate.


38. Dress Up


This company specializes in selling fashionable clothing items. Dress Up uses big, bold texts and contrasting colors to highlight sales, new arrivals, and seasonal promotions, and they even have a ‘Chat With Us’ option on their website that is fairly uncommon for fashion retailers. Something to consider!


39. Bliss


Bliss is an ecommerce website that channels fun energy through its design using bright colors that communicate a very excited and joyful feeling. What’s more, the photography on this website is excellent, with big images on the homepage to set the mood for the rest of the site and its product showcases.


40. Miansai


And last, but certainly not least, we have Miansai’s beautiful eCommerce website design. The company makes immaculate use of minimalism to make their product photos feel more immersive. The site feels more like you’re walking through a museum of abstract photographical art than scrolling through an ecommerce store, and that’s what we love about it.


Wrapping Up

While designing your ecommerce website can certainly be a tricky business, with a little bit of inspiration, you can make the task much easier and much more enjoyable. Be sure to refer to the websites above for all of the ecommerce web design inspiration you’ll ever need.

If you aren’t sure about your eCommerce website design or want another opinion, feel free to reach out to us at OR 1(437)223-1771 for some friendly feedback.

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