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8 ridiculously simple ways to make customers fall in love with your website


best website design

Your business website can be a great marketing tool, only if designed properly. It can either generate quality leads regularly, or sit idle without adding any value to your business. Turn your website into a killer marketing tool through these 8 website design tips:

best website design

1. Set SMART goals for your website

Develop smart, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound goals for your business by considering your type of business and its planned growth strategy. A few nice ones a web designer wants to hear: increase conversion rates, increase sales, generate more leads, reduce overhead, and improve brand awareness.

best website design

2. Use large concise headlines on your website

Many studies have proven that headlines are consistently the most viewed items on a web page, even over images. So use them wisely.

Bold, concise headlines attract eyeballs because users want to see if it has the relevant information that they are looking for.

best website design

3. Use plenty of white space on your website

White space is incredibly important for reading comprehension and creating contrast with your other web page elements.

Make sure your typography is well spaced and easy to read (preferred font size is 14) so that customers can easily read and digest your website content.

best website design

4. Make sure your website loads quickly

Only a few seconds of delay can turn away visitors and cost you some valuable customers.

Therefore, by including only the essential website elements (as discussed above), using caching and paying for premium, high-quality hosting, you can ensure that page loads aren’t slowing down your earning potential.

best website design

5. Ensure a mobile-responsive website

More than 60% of website traffic is from mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Test your website on mobile devices to ensure it displays properly and takes little time to load.

best website design

6. Write clear, specific Call-To-Actions

Good calls to action allow visitors to quickly decide what they want to do next. Having a big sale? Don’t just write a banner that says “50% off all products.” Write one that says “50% off all products, CLICK HERE to view them.”

best website design

7. View your website from your customers’ perspective

This is a no-brainer, but people are so focused on their products and services that they forget about the most important aspect of their business; customers. So always try to think from the customer’s point of view on why would they come to your website, what information are they looking for and how will they find it, why should they sign-up for the newsletter, etc etc.

best website design

8. Develop the website content

I believe that content writers do a very good job, but you understand your business better than anyone else. So you should write the raw content and once it is ready, you should hand it to a professional writer for review and edits.

best website design

In conclusion, these 8 simple tips will help your website stand out from the crowd and attract more visitors.

What do you think of these 8 helpful tips? Please share your thoughts and any other website tips in the comments below.

best website design

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