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Google cares if your business website is mobile-friendly or not, and so should You !!!

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Google has been focusing to make the internet a friendlier place for mobile device users, but now it has launched a ‘mobile-first’ version of its index, which will have a significant impact on how websites are ranked on Google search results, with preference to mobile-friendly website. What does that mean for your business? It means that […]


Avoid 14 common pitfalls to build the best website and win customers

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best website Your business website is a valuable marketing tool and a critical part of your business. Unfortunately, Canadian businesses are lacking on this front. Based on recent data from Statistics Canada, 46.6% of all Canadian businesses did not have a website in 2017 and only some businesses that had a website had advanced e-commerce […]


8 ridiculously simple ways to make customers fall in love with your beautiful website

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beautiful website Your business website can be a great marketing tool, only if designed properly. It can either generate quality leads consistently, or sit idle without adding any value to your business. If it has the right design elements, navigation, content, and layout, your customers will love your website and will continue to visit, generating […]