Cloud-Based CDR Reconciler

Billing dispute is a major source of conflict for all carriers, whether it with a customer or a supplier. It does not only affect the financial side of business, but also affects the business relationship with the other carrier. The billing dispute could be either due to the rates mismatch between two sides or due to difference in minutes. CDR reconciler can immediately narrow down a dispute to actual records, in the shortest possible time, with minimum effort.

This application allows user to open a CDR file (received from either customer or supplier) and compare it with the corresponding call records held within the Billing System. The application matches the data CDR-by-CDR and shows them side by side highlighting the differences where applicable. The highlighted difference in CDRs are classified into exact matches (no duration difference), partial matches (duration difference of 1-2 sec), mismatches(duration difference of more than 2 sec), no-matches (CDRs not present in other carrier side), and missing CDRs (CDRs not present on our side). The system also allows the user to provide an acceptable tolerance level for comparison which helps the users take care of latency and other minor effects. The comparison details could also be exported in an Excel file.