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A business website is a valuable marketing tool and a critical part of your business. If you are looking to increase your marketing, sales, and business credibility, then you need a professional website from a Mississauga website design agency. We have worked with many Mississauga-based business owners on a professional, high-quality website design for their business, which is mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly.

We design a website with the objective to promote your business and your brand to the online audience. We take the time to understand who you are and what you want—tying your website’s design directly into your vision and goals. With us, your website becomes more than a pretty page—it becomes a powerful tool and an important piece of an Internet marketing campaign.

Just having a website is not good enough; a website that works for your business is what is required.

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Our website designers are in Mississauga and Brampton. Yes, we do not outsource our development; everything we do is in-house.

Personalized approach

We provide a personalized approach. Our team works with you closely and builds a long-lasting business relationship of trust with you. We will personalize the website, based on your unique business offering and needs.

Customized solution

We don’t provide cookie-cutter website or a website design based on a template. We deliver a customized solution, unique to your business, based on the theme and design that enhances your brand, outshining your competition. We will keep on customizing it, till you are 100% satisfied. We are only happy when you are fully satisfied.


We are specialists in all major CMS platforms, such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Magento. We also create websites via HTML/CSS.

Not just Mississauga Website designers, but Marketers

We are marketers, who view each web design project as an opportunity to show you how we can grow your business. With us, your website becomes more than a pretty page—it becomes a powerful marketing tool and an important piece of your Internet marketing strategy.


We start our process with a free initial consultation and thoroughly analyze your needs. Our talented team takes pride in making sure your project requirements are fully understood before we begin the creative process.
We spend countless hours mapping out your website’s blueprint. Our team goes through an extensive planning process before the creative work begins —your project detail matters to us.
A website often is the first point of contact between a business and their clients. This is why we place lots of emphasis on your design. Our talented and experienced designers will create pixel-perfect layouts and design all web pages that resonate around a single, central theme.
Our developers bring the designs to life with user-friendly and intuitive interfaces that your visitors will love. We start all of our websites from scratch, with appropriate coding languages, to ensure it meets the web standards, is SEO-friendly, and mobile-responsive.
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The bread-and-butter of virtually all businesses comes from calls, leads, or referrals. In a digital landscape, many of these potential clients are coming from online searches—in fact, there are around seven billion searches conducted on Google alone every day. With that kind of traffic, no business can afford to go without a website that can transform a searcher into a customer. What does it take to have a website that acts as a powerful sales funnel?

Through search engine optimization techniques, we optimize your website, so that your business is on 1st page of google search results.


Telkoware provides website maintenance and support services 24×7 to all our clients in Ontario and across Canada. When website maintenance problems are taken off your shoulders, you will get more time to spend on your business. All you need to do is to provide with us text and images and we will upload/change it for you. We will also make sure that your text and images on the site are following your website design – which is very important when you want to make your brand stand out.

Our website maintenance packages are affordable and come with bundles of features to make your website work smoothly.

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eCommerce website Mississauga

With an eCommerce website, your objective is higher sales, higher engagement, easier management and improved budgets. These things can also all decrease with a poor eCommerce website. Focusing on providing your visitors with a clear, strong call to action with an interface that is intuitively designed, quick loading checkout; you’ll be on your way to an improved ROI.

Developing innovative ecommerce promotion ideas can be tough, but will ultimately pay off in dividends when implemented correctly on your ecommerce store. Our marketing experts can advise the promotions to implement, like posting demo videos, adding free shipping, offering percentage-based discounts, BOGO offers, quantity-based bulk discounts, loyalty offers, etc.

Our experienced team of eCommerce designers can help you achieve online sales and marketing objectives with customized eCommerce solutions.


We can also audit your existing website for free and share recommendations on how to improve its layout and design, how to keep the customers longer on your website, and how to bring them back if they keep running away. Some of the common mistakes we have noticed are:

• Check-out process is too complicated, or too short
• Hidden shipping costs
• Not addressing security concerns
• Not having an exit Intent pop-up
• Not having how-to videos
• Not capturing abandoned carts with re-marketing efforts
• Not sending wishlist reminders
• Not having interesting and attention-grabbing content
• Not having quality product images
• Website is too slow or takes too long to load
• Website is not mobile-friendly