Mobile APP Development


Telkoware has vast experience in developing high performance, digitally transformational and fully packed native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile app on iOS and Android.

Companies choosing us for building their customized mobile apps are confident that their final product will be highly secure, scalable, reliable, and adaptable to any environment they are hosted on.

We handle the entire life cycle of mobile app development process: Planning and Strategy, UX/UI Design, App Development, QA/User Acceptance Testing, and Delivery.

Android v.s. iOS:

We do mobile app development for iOS and Android operating systems, since Android controls about 88% (Q3, 2016) of the mobile device market worldwide, and Apple owns most of the remaining market share.


Native Mobile App Development:

We use Swift or Objective-C to write native iOS apps, and Java to write native Android apps.

Advantages of Native apps:

– fast & responsive

– easy to tap into wider functionality

– match UI/UX to platform conventions

Cross-platform Native Mobile App Development:

In order to build one mobile app that works on iOS as well as Android in native app style, we use Xamarin. Made by Microsoft, Xamarin is a platform that lets developers build one app that works on multiple platforms in C#. They also provide free tools to build, test, distribute, and learn from your apps.


Hybrid Mobile App Development:

If your goal is to put something usable into your users’ hands as quickly as possible and you are short on resources, but need to create a simple version of mobile app that still provides value, then hybrid mobile app development is the right technology for you. In the startup world, this is called an MVP, or minimum viable product.

A hybrid mobile app is installed like a native app, but it’s actually a web app on the inside.

Hybrid apps, like web apps, are built with Javascript, HTML, and CSS and run in something called Webview, a simplified browser within the mobile app.

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