Telecom Billing Solution

Telecom Billing Solution (TBS) utilises a single billing architecture to support both prepaid and postpaid customers (FLL enterprise customers and wholesale voice customers) and provides billing and accounts-related information in real-time and tailored to your business processes and needs.

Telecom Billing Solution (TBS) is a carrier-grade billing solution for telecom service providers, MVNOs, and wholesale carriers, which collects Call Detail Records (CDRs) and provides flexible real-time charging, rating and billing. It generates customizable invoices and processes payments, receipts, credit & debit notes, discounts, and also manages debt collection.

It has an integrated Reporting System that equips you with the necessary tools to review, manipulate, customize, and export your financial performance, account activity, trouble cases, workflow automation processes, CDR details, and more, in order to make better business decisions.

It retrieves CDRs and other relevant information from all connected network elements, performs rating for the services, creates transaction records, generates invoices & reports, and updates account statement of customers and suppliers. All this happens in real time, so the billing data is updated as soon as a session is completed.

TBS has created an environment, in which it takes a few simple clicks to create and offer a new service level, a new destination, or a new region, in turn allowing service providers to be more proactive and mor customer-focused, thus resulting in increased revenue.


  •  End-to-End automation of all billing, commercial and higher management requirements.
  •  Easily integrable with multiple voice networks (approximately in a week).
  •  Comprehensive web interface to manage wholesale & retail traffic origination & termination.
  •  Highly customizable (new reports, features, & functions can be delivered in approximately 1 to 2 weeks).
  •  Separate web panels for end users, administrators, and customers / suppliers
  •  24x7x365 technical assistance available (Trouble tickets automatically escalated to higher levels within predefined time limits based on SLA).
  •  Interoperable with all major VoIP, TDM, & IMS equipment vendors (Cisco, Genband, Sonus, Digitalk, Asterisk, Sansay, MVTS, AcmePacket, etc.)
  •  Real-time automated management of inter-carrier rate notifications (with configuration of rate notification rules & ratesheet formats).
  •  Cloud-based hosted solution also available with 99.9% uptime.
  •  EAutomated price list receipt and ratesheet distribution.
  •  Easily scalable to handle large amount of CDRs (without any downtime or maintenance window).
  •  Automated generation of destination-code based LCR for optimized routing and profit maximization.
  •  CDR Query tool based on CDR parameters and metrics Customer & supplier dial-codes (destination-codes) analysis & reporting.
  •  Automated line by line invoice reconciliation & billing dispute management and settlement.
  •  Real-time prepaid & postpaid billing.
  •  CDR reconciliation (matches each CDR with carrier’s CDR and highlights anomalies).
  •  Real-time predefined reports, statements, and graphs.
  •  Can be integrated with any sales, HRM, accounts, or financial system for complete automation.
  •  Real-time multi-severity alert triggers on reaching / nearly reaching credit limits and completion / near-completion of deals.