Telecom Rates Management Solution


Due to recent increase in interconnect agreements for exchanging international  and national voice traffic between carriers and due to abrupt and frequent changes in rates of destinations, it is not possible for any telecom service provider to handle ratesheets manually. Therefore, Telkoware Rates Management Solution (TRMS) automates buying and selling of international voice termination and origination.It creates offers for your existing customers and validates offers received from other carriers.


If a ratesheet from supplier with decreased rates is missed or not seen immediately, an opportunity to make routing changes and increase profit margin or gain traffic volume is missed. If a ratesheet from supplier with increased rates is missed or not seen immediately, there isn’t enough time to give a seven days notice period to your customers and a financial loss is incurred. It is not humanly possible to keep track of every destination offered by every supplier and not only make necessary routing changes, but also offer rates to customers in a timely manner. With automation of TRMS, you can save yourself from any financial losses and increase your volume and profits drastically.

  •  Time and effort required to receive and validate supplier ratesheets.
  •  Traffic terminated at high cost, since ratesheet with lower cost is being processed manually.
  •  Unable to quickly capitalize on price reductions by passing the rate changes to customers in order to gain traffic volume.
  •  Missed profits due to error in processing supplier ratesheets and generating customer ratesheets.
  •  Discrepancies or disputes related to the business rules associated with exchanging ratesheets with interconnect partners.

TRMS successfully tackles all these challenges by simplifying and automating complete end-to-end sales cycle and ratesheet management.

TRMS maintains a master list of dial codes, which can be reduced or increased as per the business needs and destinations. It will be automatically matched with the destination codes of your suppliers to ensure that there no hidden codes with high cost.

With TRMS, Telecom service providers can continue using their existing network as well as back-office systems, while utilizing TRMS to automate and streamline sales operations.


Your supplier prepares a ratesheet in its own template and format and sends it to an email address associated with TRMS. TRMS supports all ratesheet formats, including Excel (.xls, .xlsx), XML, and csv. Format of each supplier’s ratesheet needs to be configured initially in the system, so that the system knows where to look for the relevant data.

Once ratesheet is received, sender’s authenticity and email content is checked and the attachment is verified. Then, the system extracts the necessary information from the ratesheet and examines it against the specified business rules. Business rules can be configured to generate only alert or reject the ratesheet completely, incase of a business rule violation.

Every time a supplier ratesheet is received and processed, sender and receiver are notified and the processed version is sent to the respective account manager for necessary routing changes.


A customer ratesheet can be generated through web-interface for a single customer, or multiple customers, as well as for a single destination, multiple destinations, or complete A-Z destinations.

It gives option to offer rates based on absolute value, profit margin, percentage of cost, or to cover LCR1, LCR2, or LCR3 suppliers’ cost.

On Web interface, any rates can be modified with a single click and all recent modifications can be sent via email in a ratesheet to one or multiple customers.



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