Website Maintenance Services

One Simple Monthly Website Maintenance Cost: $50 / month.

No Contracts, Unlimited Updates & Changes.

Complete maintenance and full security.

We ensure the maintenance, security, and performance of your website, so you can focus on your business.

If website is maintained properly, it can be a valuable asset of your organization. If not, it can cost you dearly.

In order to attract customers, maintain search engine rankings, and provide information about your products and services, your company needs website maintenance services.

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Automated weekly backups with complete restoration, to protect your website investment.


Installation and validation of Plugins, theme, content management system, and any other software.


24/7 monitoring and scanning of your website for any security risks, hacks, intrusions, or infections. Website updates includes brute force protection, spam prevention, anti-virus, and anti-malware.


24/7 monitoring of your website and automatic alerts in-case of any downtime scenario

Cleanup and restoration

Disinfection of your website in the event of hacking or malware / virus infection and restoration to its original state.

Unlimited Changes

Unlimited updates and changes of any kind to the website at a fixed monthly website maintenance cost.

Personalized Service

Talk to the same person every time. No voice systems. No waiting on hold. Get straight through to your Webmaster on their direct phone line or personal email.

Email Support

Your website changes are just an email away. Simply email us a list of all of your website changes and edits. We’ll handle the rest and let you know when it’s done.

All types of websites

While we specialize in WordPress, we can maintain all types of sites built on any technology or platform at a fixed monthly website maintenance cost.

No Contracts

We’re a true "no contract" service. Use us as often as you need us. You can cancel your service anytime and resume service any time too. It is that easy.

Local Presence

We are a small proudly Canadian team, based in Brampton, Ontario. We are available from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

No more hassles or headaches; complete peace of mind

Our team of experts use proven systems and tools to take good care of your website, so that it keeps running smoothly.


Got Website problems?

Website configuration issues, broken links, web pages that give error, hosting providers that are no longer available, hacked  websites, non-renewed domain names, payment gateways that no longer work, contact forms that don’t work, emails that can’t be sent or received, etc.

We can solve every problem that you can ever experience. We will not just fix it, but also make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Tired of dealing with website problems? Don’t know how to maintain and secure your website? We can help. Contact us today.

    Your website problems are now ours

    Our experts take care of these tasks everyday. So you have peace of mind and can focus on areas of your business that need your attention. Check out our website maintenance packages below:

    Monthly Website Maintenance package


    Per month

    Yearly Website Maintenance package


    Per year

    Add Web/Email Hosting


    Per month

    What is Website Maintenance?

    Website maintenance is regularly checking your website for any issues and keeping it updated and relevant. If not taken seriously, it will degrade over time and can cause serious problems. Website technology is evolving quickly and new features are being integrated every day. That means more time and effort is required to maintain the website and keep it secure.

    Why is Website Maintenance important?

    Website maintenance is critical in keeping the website healthy and running smoothly. Not maintaining it will not cause any immediate problems, but over the passage of time, it will deteriorate. Think of it like car maintenance. You take your car for periodic maintenance and tuning, to make sure it is running smoothly. Also, you have car insurance for protection, incase something bad happens. Well, website maintenance service is periodic maintenance and insurance of your website, combined into one.

    Factors to keep your website healthy

    There are many other factors to keep your website healthy. I have listed below only some major ones:

    1. SEO

    The sole purpose of getting a website is that you want to promote your business online; get more visitors to your website, so that you can eventually convert them to customers. Biggest driver of traffic to your website is search engine; specifically Google. Google ranks websites that have the most relevant and up-to-date information on their website. It may even de-index your website if it hasn’t been updated in a long time, or has been infected with virus or malware.

    Digital Marketing

    2. Customer Engagement

    In order to keep the customers engaged and make them come back again and again, relevant and current content needs to be posted on website. It should cater to the information needs of your target market.

    3. Security

    This is the most critical reason for website maintenance; whether you are storing any customer information on the website or not. So we need to not only update the website content and keep it fresh, but also update it with latest version of plugins, themes, softwares, so that it is secure and not hackable.

    4. Keep up with trends in design and technology

    Since the website is your virtual storefront, it will give a first impression of your business to your potential customers. So it needs to look professional and attractive. That means the website has to be updated with the modern design trends and running on latest technology.

    Website Maintenance Checklist

    Here is a laundry list (not exhaustive) of all tasks performed as part of website maintenance services:


    As you can see from the list, website maintenance should be a consistent part of your business operations and there needs to be awareness throughout the organization. New technologies and tools are being introduced to make website development much easier. But at the same time, it is making the website maintenance more complex. That means we need to pay more attention to website maintenance.

    Let Us Help You

    Trying to handle your own website maintenance is like trying to fix your own car, even though you only know how to drive a car. So you are better off leaving it to professionals. After all – the success of your website AND your business rides heavily on your website being a valuable source of information as well as an important lead generation and marketing tool. Our website maintenance packages are affordable and flexible, so it can be adjusted based on your unique business needs. Contact us today at 1(437)223-1771 or to discuss your requirements.