Have a website with lots of visitors, but no customers? Follow these 10 tips for a conversion-focused web design


Conversion web design

The most convenient source of information for everyone today is internet. People will use it either to learn about a particular topic or a product, compare products and prices, or to buy something. If your website provides them the information that they are looking for in a convenient way, they will continue to come to your website, thus making it easier for you to convert them to a customer.

For every business whether it is small, medium, or large, it is crucial to have a well-designed website, since many potential customers will visit your website before they knock on your door or give you a call. If your website is difficult to understand or does not give your visitors what they are looking for with minimal clicking, they are likely to go back to the search engine and find a website that will give them that information and you will end up losing potential customers.

Here are 10 simple tips to have a conversion web design, with focus on higher conversion rate:


1. Structure / Hierarchy / Layout

The website structure, or some refer to it as website hierarchy or website layout is how the web pages are organized, so that visitors are easily able to navigate and find the information that they are looking with least no. of clicks. Navigation should be a smooth and follow easy process. If people can’t find what they are looking for in a short period of time, they will give up and leave your site. So make sure all pages are structured logically.

conversion web design

2. Call-to-Action

Think carefully what you want your visitor to do; call you, email you, text you, sign-up for mailing list, or fill out Contact Us form. Then position that call-to-action (CTA) in the best places. Should it be on the top of page, bottom of page, above the fold, below the fold, after content? The best place is different for every business, depending on the type of business and overall design and layout. So Use A/B testing to figure out which version of the page has the ideal CTA placement.

conversion web design

3. Mobile-friendly

Have you ever wondered how your website looks on iPhone or a tablet? More than 60% of visitors come through a mobile device. So please make sure that your website is not only compatible with all possible devices, screens, and browsers, but responsive as well. What that means is that every page should have the ability to resize the content automatically. Mobile phone users should not have to zoom in or zoom out; the site should automatically scale to the perfect size, based on their screen.


4. Readability of Content

Don’t cram too much content on one page. For starters, too much content can cause a site to run slowly. Also, it’s more difficult to read a page with very little white space. If content is overflowing and appears disorganized, visitors might not bother trying to make sense out of it. As a result, you’ll end up with a high bounce rate and low conversion rate.

conversion web design

Also, make sure that you only put high-quality content on your website. If people can’t make any sense out of what they are reading, why should they trust you? Why should they bother sticking around? They definitely won’t buy anything. Make sure there are no typos or grammatical mistakes and focus on your keywords. Don’t overuse them, as your ranking may be penalized for it and you might get banned from search engines.


5. Website Design

Make your website friendly and easy to use for every visitor. The contact form, for instance, should be short and easy to fill out and submit. If you are selling products, it should be easy to select products and drop them in your shopping cart and the checkout process should be user-intuitive with different payment options.

White space helps to create flow or a focal point on your website. Consistency in white spacing is important for a great design and will help with your overall user experience.

conversion web design

6. Realistic, authentic visuals

Whether it be beautiful photographs or cool graphics, you want your site to be visually appealing. Good web design will incorporate images that are both appropriate to your brand, and are engaging to your users. Instead of using stock images, I would highly recommend using real photos of your products, your office, and your employees. That will bring more authenticity and credibility to your business.


7. Color and Contrast

Always use color combinations that look great together and complement each other. The objective should be to make everything easy on the eyes. Text should be easy to read, but not so bright that it blinds visitors.


8. Incentivize to collect user information

You should encourage visitors to share their contact information, like email address, so that you can pursue that lead and convert him/her to a customer. With so many privacy issues and concerns these days, you have to offer some sort of incentive to visitors for filling out a mailing list form. Also, put social media links on each blog page so that users can share the information if they find it interesting.

conversion web design

9. Sense of urgency

Providing a sense of urgency is a psychological technique that a lot of businesses use to take a specific action promptly, instead of pondering over it for weeks or months. If you are selling a product, highlight a statement that “Only a few left at this low price!” or “Sign up for the newsletter while this information is still available”, or display the remaining quantity on product page before it is sold out, or a discount Coupon for a limited time offer. If done correctly, it will help increase leads and hopefully customers, as people will be more likely to take action now rather than just bookmarking your site and sitting on the decision for a while.


10. Credibility with customer reviews / testimonials

If you don’t have a famous, well-known brand behind you, you will need to build your credibility, so that visitors can trust you and reach out to you for further information or to buy the product. People rely on other third-party reviews / testimonials to make a decision. The best way to collect reviews and testimonials is to give best-possible customer-service and once work is complete or product is delivered, request for a review/testimonial. You can add it to your website, on your google business listing, Yelp, etc where people usually go to read reviews.

conversion web design

Once you have read everything explained above, take a close look at your website and see which improvements are required. Once those improvements have been completed, you will see a significant jump in your conversions.

We are happy to do a free audit of your website and provide a detailed report of improvement recommendations. Simply send us an email at or call us at (437)223-1771.

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